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General Information


Toilet/Potty Training

We recognise that parents have individual preferences for nappy brands and for this reason ask parents of (0-3 yr olds) to bring in their own daily supply of nappies. All children must be out of nappies by time they enter our nursery classroom.


Wellies and Spare Clothes

The Nursery has its own supply of Wellington boots, however, should you wish to provide your child with his/her own wellies then please bring in a pair (clearly named) for outside play and a set of clothes in a named bag, in the case of accidents.



We are unable to use our own sun cream on your child just in case he/she has an allergic reaction to our own brand. You will need to supply your own sun cream together with signed permission for staff to apply your cream to your child (see parents agreement form).



Uniform is required for all children who attend the nursery classroom. Details of uniform requirements for older children can be found through Mrs Deluca.



Correspondence is either emailed to parents, posted or given out as a hard copy. We also encourage parents to join our Facebook pages.



All parents of Redhill Preparatory School and Montessori Nursery children are asked to use the ample car parking spaces provided in the nursery car park. In view of the young age of the children and the number of little ones around, please exercise extreme care.

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