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  • Dear Meryl and Jane

    With 3 boys now ‘through’ Redhill school, it is rewarding to look back and reflect. From the moment we changed schools to Redhill for our children, we never looked back. Your focus on each of our childrens’ individual needs was second to none, and this was I believe the key to each one of them achieving huge successes relative to their own expectations, and our expectations for them, during their primary school years. Academic success was also helped by the happy, kind and caring environment they were in at Redhill, which made the whole school experience for them and us a very enjoyable experience.

    Now at secondary school, it is clear that Redhill provided our children with a most valuable platform from which to launch in to their next step in school life. I do like it when I can look back upon a major decision in life, and conclude with the benefit of hindsight, ‘I wouldn’t have changed anything’. Sending our children to Redhill is one of those reflections!

    ~ Adrian Cox to Redhill School



Redhill Prep School

Redhill Preparatory School provides a warm and supportive atmosphere, nurturing and caring for every individual, instilling confidence and self-belief in all. We offer a broad range of experiences and opportunities, to encourage creativity and inquisitive thought, achievable through our belief in small class sizes.

We mix opportunity, challenge and a strong work ethic developing a community of learners where happiness breeds success and success breeds high achievers. We believe that it is vital for children to enjoy the learning process and develop a desire to explore their own ideas through discussion, enquiry, and hands on investigations, leading to independent learners of the future.

We offer a beautiful and stimulating environment in order to inspire all of our pupils, irrespective of race, religion, gender or ability. At Redhill Preparatory school we feel it is important for every child to fulfill their potential with a strong and positive sense of self-identity that will last them a lifetime.

Mrs Meryl Lovegrove

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